September Update on AEP New Buffalo-Bridgman Transmission Line Rebuild Project

Posted on September 8, 2023

As a follow-up to the open house held in June, AEP recently sent a letter to landowners along the transmission line route, including COL (and posted an update to their project website). The update states that AEP project team members are evaluating feedback and will be researching issues and concerns to identify potential solutions. The letter indicated they would be sharing further information in late September.

 At this point though, few questions have been answered and many concerns remain, particularly with communications between AEP and our community. To this end, a citizens group is coalescing to be a voice for landowners directly impacted and the community as a whole. “Protect Our Townships Alliance" is a citizen advocacy group dedicated to ensuring our community is enhanced, and not diminished, in the interest of infrastructure advancement. An overall goal will be to improve communications between AEP and the community and to strive to create a partnership with AEP to evaluate the project plans, address community questions and concerns, and develop solutions in a comprehensive and inclusive manner.

The Alliance has a petition to AEP available on its website for community members to let their voices be heard. We encourage you to visit or email for more information, to sign up for future updates from the Alliance, and to learn how you can help or be involved in the effort.