Turtle Creek

Posted on August 8, 2022

by Isaac Smith

Backing up to New Buffalo Elementary School, Turtle Creek is perfect for outreach and education. In 2016, New Buffalo Elementary School joined Chikaming Open Lands’ Mighty Acorns program. Mighty Acorns is an environmental education program that gives students hands-on lessons about local ecosystems. The program is geared toward 3rd through 5th graders and the curriculum is provided by the Field Museum in Chicago. Being so close to New Buffalo Elementary School, Turtle Creek is a great location for students in the Mighty Acorns program to learn. Furthermore, the trails at Turtle Creek intertwined with the Nature Study Trails, giving students more space to explore the natural environment. Ultimately, nature conservation is only as effective as the people who care about it. The best way to ensure the next generation of conservationists is through education. Chikaming Open Lands dedication to educating future nature enthusiasts through their outreach programs is one of its foremost endeavors.