Chris Thompson Memorial Preserve Projects


Structural Improvements

We have been very busy at the Chris Thompson Memorial Preserve recently. We constructed a gravel parking lot along Warren Woods Road which will improve access for community members. A trail system with multiple loops was installed in 2020, and another route is being considered that would allow visitors to stroll along the Galien River.

Habitat Restoration

When COL acquired this property, the old field was in various stages of natural succession. We decided to guide a few sections of the field, called restoration zones, in different directions. The northern zone had few trees and is being restored to a native prairie by removing invasives, re-introducing fire, and sowing native seed. The southern zone had many trees and is being restored to a forest by removing invasive shrubs and planting native trees. Between these two restoration zones will be a transition savanna with sparse trees. This kind of habitat diversity is excellent for many wildlife species including birds, deer, and pollinators.