Chris Thompson Memorial Preserve

Access: Open to the public

Acreage: 49 acres

Recreational Activities:


Located on Warren Woods Rd in between Chikaming Township Park and Preserve and Warren Woods State Park. From Red Arrow Hwy in Lakeside, MI, turn east on Warren Woods Rd for 2.2 miles.


A dedicated gravel parking area has been installed and full access is available spring 2022. Current parking is on the gravel drive in front of the yellow rope. 

Natural Features

The 49 acres consists of an abandoned agricultural field, a high-quality floodplain forest, and frontage on the Galien River. Together with nearby public and private properties, a large continuous corridor of relatively undeveloped natural area extends along much of the Galien River in Chikaming Township.


Chikaming Open Lands dedicated this Preserve in memory of the organization’s late executive director, Chris Thompson, who passed away unexpectedly on June 3, 2016. Thompson's vision was to connect people to the land by offering outdoor experiences that make them healthier and happier. That is the vision for the Memorial Preserve as well. Plans for the property include providing public access, developing a hiking trail system, and restoring the abandoned field to native prairie, savanna, and forest. Chikaming Open Lands will also explore the possibility of offering access to the Galien River in the future.

Chikaming Open Lands acquired this property in October 2018. The acquisition was accomplished with the support of more than 125 individuals and organizations including grant funds from The Pokagon Fund and The Carls Foundation.

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