Myron Perlman Nature Preserve

Access:  Open to the public

Acreage:  38 acres

Trail Length: 1 mile

Recreational Activities


Myron Perlman Nature Preserve is located on Wolkins Road a few miles northwest of the City of Buchanan. Click here for a link to Google Maps, or see below. From downtown Buchanan, travel north on Main St. for about 3 miles, then take a left onto Miller Rd. Travel west on Miller Rd. for one mile, then turn right onto Wolkins Rd. (do not be deterred by the dead-end sign) and travel about half a mile. The entrance is located on the left-hand side of Wolkins Rd. There is no large signage yet, but you will see a Chikaming Open Lands boundary marker just off the road marking a long, worn farm path parallel to a farm field. The farm path leads directly into the woods and hiking trails. Park along the farm path adjacent to the farm field and walk up the path into the woods, taking care to avoid parking other visitors in.

Natural Features:

This 45-acre property includes farm fields, wetlands, and hiking trails through a sprawling beech-maple forest. Other notable features include an abundance of spring wildflowers, an on-site cabin (no public entry), and impressive plant biodiversity.


The property was donated to COL in full in December 2022 by the landowners, Julie Dorfman, Jerry Herst and Anne Krantz, and was named in honor of Krantz's late husband. Working with the donors, COL and Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy partnered to protect the property. SWMLC holds a conservation easement on the land, while COL owns and manages the new nature preserve.

Dorfman, Herst, and Krantz commented, “We hope this forest will inspire others as it has inspired us and so many dear ones. We want people to love and protect this precious gem. We can all share in the satisfaction of doing something positive to encourage biodiversity and protect life on our planet.”

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