Castle Keep Preserve

We've recently acquired a new nature preserve in New Buffalo Township! The 27-acre property, which includes open fields, steep ravines and mature woodland, was donated to COL in full by the landowner.

Located on Maudlin Road, the new property will be named Castle Keep Preserve, and will be open to the public for outdoor recreation. COL is developing plans to build a trail system through the preserve. “This new property, with its close proximity to Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy’s Kesling Nature Preserve and the Three Oaks Conservation Area, protects additional open space in the South Branch Galien River corridor,” said COL Executive Director Ryan Postema. “It’s an important area ecologically, so we consider it a high priority for conservation.”

The preserve’s name, Castle Keep, is an homage to the donor’s father, who became a castle aficionado after being stationed in Europe during WWII. It is also a reference to the topography of the property in that the upland field, which is the central area of the property, is nearly encircled by steep ravines, much like a castle and moat.

Stay tuned for more on our plans for this new property!