Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's #Snowmanhunt! We had a snow-terrific time trying to wrangle The Mitten Gang with you. They will be hanging out in one spot until the end of February if you'd like to pay them a visit. Check out below to learn where they are now and where they have been! 

                                         Stop in and give our sponsors a HUGE thank you for making this event possible! 


Meltin' John is sponsored by BIGGBY Coffee Sawyer, MI

"Well, hi there! I'll be hanging out at Turtle Creek Preserve from now until March 1st. Come by and say hello if you're in the area."

Previous locations:

Week #1: Merritt and Younger Family Preserves   Week #3: Turtle Creek

Week #2: Sugarwood Forest Preserve      Week #4: Jens Jensen Preserve  


 Snowin Wilson is sponsored by Infusco Coffee Sawyer, MI.        

"WOW! Edward and Elizabeth Leonard Wildlife Preserve is my favorite place to be! I'll be hanging out here with all these woodland critters until the snow leaves for good." 

Previous locations:

Week #1: Edward and Elizabeth Leonard Wildlife Preserve Week #3: Robinson Woods Preserve 

Week #2 Chris Thompson Memorial Preserve  Week #4: Edward and Elizabeth Leonard Wildlife Preserve


Poison Icy is sponsored by Chikaming Open Lands, Sawyer, MI 

"I'll be chillin' at Sugarwood Forest Preserve as the snow continues to fall. Keep an eye out for my sister, Poison Ivy; her hairy vines on trees can still get you in the wintertime! "

Previous locations:

Week #1: Turtle Creek Preserve Week #3: Robinson Woods Preserve 

Week #2 N/a  Week #4: Sugarwood Forest Preserve


Austin Powders is sponsored by Forte Coffee, St. Joseph, MI 

"Groovy! I've decided to stay around for a little longer. You can find me at Flynn Woods Preserve."

Previous locations:

Week #1: Jens Jensen Preserve Week #3: Chris Thompson Memorial Preserve 

Week #2: Flynn Woods Preserve  Week #4: Robinson Woods Preserve 


Frosty Savage is sponsored by BURN'EM BREWING, Michigan City, IN 

"I'll stay on top of all those other Snowmen and hang out at Chris Thompson Memorial Preserve."

Previous locations:

Week #1: n/a Week #3:  Edward and Elizabeth Leonard Wildlife Preserve 

Week #2: n/a   Week #4: Chris Thompson Memorial Preserve